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Not a Bad Start Going Forward


As a student at uni, there aren't many solid rewards — no big salary coming my way and at least three years till i'm on the job market. there is the pleasure, knowledge, and experience gained, which i obviously wouldn't trade for anything. not to mention the amazing people i have gotten to know…however it's still just as pleasing as it was in primary school to get good marks, and god knows this semester was the toughest, roughest, baddest ever. onward!


Latest Lab Project

We've all seen the cantenna variations, the Winsurfer WiFi reflector printout and the DD-WRT custom firmware nightmare installation process. Even if you don't know what the firmware is you've probably heard about the install process.

Our group has selected the lab project to be trying to replicate the same level of signal improvement without using any kind of network extension. This means no repeating the signal, no secondary access point and we're not allowed to move either the adaptor or access point from their initial location.

On the plus side we only need to do it in a lab environment but there's not much WiFi action in that section of the college which means just hopping the channel won't do the trick. But we do have physical access to the router which includes flashing or attaching hardware.

So the attack is on two fronts.

First of all the software side. We're going to start by flashing it with DD-WRT which gives us more control over the the router. The default is a basic ISP router which means it is pretty locked down. Software side on the receiver we'll be eliminating as much network interference as possible.

On the hardware end we're opting for three directional wifi antennas one for the receiver and two for the router. In the wild we'd probably not be putting directionals on the router but for a lab setting it'll be fine. The receiver has the correct jack but the router is going to take some soldering.

Our main concern is getting enough power to the routers antennas. Hopefully we can do something with the firmware to get them enough juice.

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